Campaign to get Windows 7 users to upgrade to Linux?

This may be a little broad, and may probably rather be addressed across distros, but I have to start somewhere, so: Considering Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 in 2020, is there any plan to create some kind of campaign, or at least website, to encourage users to switch to a Linux distro?

I mean there are still 35% of Windows 7 users, and likely many of them do not want(ed) to upgrade to Windows 10 and have their reasons for doing so. The task would be to present an alternative/that Linux is an alternative.

I personally do always recommend/link to (by @snwh), which is a great website! However, it is quite general and does not address the support ending for Windows 7.

Are there any ideas/already planned initiatives?

I’d really like to see something distribution-independent, to allow users to choose the distro they like.


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BTW, great video by a big YouTuber as it seems exactly about the topic (upgrading from Windows 7):

The comments are also pretty impressive…

…should be known here. :smiley: