(F)LOSS Stock Trading software?

Looking for a (F)LOSS Stock Trading software ideally without commission (but that doesn’t seem to be economically possible for a FLOSS?).

I want to propose the alternative to a friend, but i would also like to use it myself where i prefer to use scripts to calculate the risks of things i invest in while mixing it with random generator for fun. ^-^

Expected usecase

Superior alternative to robinhood https://robinhood.com/us/en/

Good morning,

I doubt you will find such a thing.

  • You require a broker for trading. These are usually highly regulated. So it is not possible to “just start trading with a free software”.
  • Stock trading costs fees at least charged by the exchanges. Means there won’t be any services without commission.

In my opinion the best you can get is a broker offering an API service that you can use after registration and sign-up.

Best regards

i am aware, but that to me it seems like something that could be federated on (F)LOSS alternative.

There are already services without commission where afaik majority of the comissionless brokers are offsetting the cost by stealing user data to use the user bets to make money, but i think that this could be optimized in a user-friendly way e.g. paying the broker a monthly fee.

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