How (not) to set up a public warning system

What is the best way to alert people about catastrophes? Germany went with proprietary apps which caused the recent warning day (“Warntag”) to become an official failure. We analysed the situation and found more robust solutions that respect user rights.

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  1. Do you know which German radio network providers deactivated SMSCB and how much they would charge if the German state decides to use it in future?
  2. Is the dysfunctional German Alert System a product of a project of the usual suspects in Germany (D-Telekom, Siemens, Hochtief)?

To our knowledge, all large providers deactivated the feature, but that’s hard to check. The costs completely depend on their contracts with network equipment vendors, license costs, and the actual method how “costs” are calculated.

We would estimate a 6-digit Euro amount for mid-term, maximum a small 7-digit amount.

T-Systems provides the infrastructure of the central MoWaS:

But I personally would be careful with bashing companies. As we can read in the article, the whole frame and approach is less than suboptimal for this requirement, and that was a political/administrative decision.