Upcycle LawBreakers? (By bosskey studios)


Should we and could we upcycle LawBreakers?

What is Lawbreakers?

Lawbreakers was a first person shooter video created in 2014 and developed for the e-sport scene[1] that did not meet it’s economical and reach goal which eventually made it defunct and it’s servers shut down in September 2018[2].

See gameplay by IGN on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w3006HyyN4

Economical status of boss key productions

Allegedly the game had major investments and interest in e-sport scene which was the main reason for it to be paid at the release and after the game failed it was released as free-to-play.[2]

This might influence the NEXON’s ability to be able to release the source code.

Interest by the community

There seems to be still ongoing support for the game even after two years of it’s shutdown[5][6][7]. So i think that the community would be also interested in upcycling.

3rd party libraries

There might be a 3rd party libraries used to which the NEXON or The game developer doesn’t have permission to share. These would have to be abstracted and reimplemented for the game to work.[?]


I can only only share two links… https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Kreyren/bbfef0f4b24951a6bd330f4a23f8c708/raw/76e983e700a84023e654efbd3d7259ce47d3fa7a/gistfile1.txt

The source code is one thing, I wander what about all the assets? Surely they are worth quite a lot - were there some games open sourced with all the media assets?

True the assets could be worth a lot, but i don’t see that being a roadblock as in the worst case scenario we can make them from scratch. Or should it be a roadblock?

quotting NEXON representative:

Nexon America does not hold any ownership or rights for LawBreakers. All ownership of this game is under BossKey, and its founder. We can only suggest that you contact one of the original founders of BossKey in order to request any permissions for their game.

Posted https://twitter.com/kreyren/status/1343987178909655041 to the co-founder’s twitter to request the upcycling and permission to perform modifications.

The Warzone 2100 project got started that way. It included most but not all assets (IIRC some music or video was missing). Enough was there for the game to be compelling though.

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