A PC in your pocket: Librem 5, a Free Software phone

Librem 5 runs the fully convergent PureOS, which means you can take your desktop with you within your phone. Its dedicated graphical environment, Phosh, is becoming a popular option for Linux phones.
Guido Günther, one of Purism’s main developers, reveals details of
Librem’s software development in this interview.

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Sadly I cannot recommend it. I backed mine back in… 2018?.. and still have not received it. I reached out to Purism just today and they still don’t have a shipping update.

I have had a much better experience with the Nitro guys. Don’t have their phone but I do have the key:

Also, you get to buy a EU (German) product.

These days I’m a lot less optimistic about GNU/Linux on phones than I used to be.

The other initiatives page on the wiki needs revising. Some parts of it are inaccurate and some projects are irrelevant at this point. I made a quick edit to start things off.

Heh, I just finally got the Librem 5 a few days ago. Fairly rough around the edges, but I plan to at least submit issues for everything I catch.

I wonder if anyone else here would be interested in writing a review or working on some of those bugs together.