Blogging software with Android client available on F-Droid?

Is there any good blogging software with an Android client available on F-Droid?

What a good question.
I took a look around. I was expecting there to be a Wordpress app, but there isn’t one. I guess most blogging software has a decent webview so you can use a webbrowser.
In the F-Droid store I found which is an app for the website by Telegram which enables users to simply format an publish a blogpost, as mentioned in the launching blogpost by Telegram. But it doesn’t seem to support having your own domain or anything like that.
These days more and more blogging software is based on the ‘static site’ principle where a blog is rendered based on markdown files stored in a Git repository (like Hugo for example). You could use a Git client or a syncing solution for syncing the files from your phone to the repository. And use one of the many text editors to edit the files. But this would require a bit of setup and prior knowledge.