Collaborative Free Software Platform for Administrations

The increased use of Free Software is a central component for more digital sovereignty. Together with a strong alliance of administrations, politics, business and civil society, we call for the development of a code repository with Free Software for the public sector.

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Do you mean installing something like Gitea, and mirroring in it Free Software projects about the public sector?

Yes, that might be an option, but obviously there is other Free Software source forge software that might be applicable. The idea is not to use any existing proprietary, probably also non-EU-based forge to avoid problems like GDPR violations and vendor lock-in.

Installing the repository server itself seems to be the most easy part. For example Gitea is very easy to install:

It also has a familiar interface, similar to GitHub.
However GitLab might have more features (

On the other hand, getting (convincing) the administrations, politics, business and civil society to use that one as a common repository for their public sector projects seems to be the hard part.

There is also this website:

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