Coming soon: I Love Free Software Day 2021

People around the world work hard to maintain Free Software and we rely on Free Software to keep us connected. On this year’s I love Free Software day let us think about the developers, contributors, designers, those who promoted the use of Free Software and many more who spend their time to share, improve and create Free Software. On the 14 February we show our love and thank those who work for Free Software.

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Indeed, but where did you get this link and what would be the expected outcome?

from this article

Making the link available when the article is released to avoid notification about 404 pages?

Sorry, I still not sure, that I understand. You are talking about the article in the first post, right? So as this link is working by now, the original problem mentioned by you has been fixed?

yep i was talking about the article in this post since when published on the forum the link was 404 which i find not ideal O.o

works now though!

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