Consider using tags instead of categories?

Hi all,

just a general idea. Instead of creating a category for each event (which can grow a lot over time and not everyone has the permission to create new categories) I would suggest to consider tags instead.

Tags also have the advantage that you can apply multiple. So FOSDEM could be tagged as “FOSDEM”, “2019”, “brussels” for example and CLT as “CLT”, “2019”, “germany”. This way you can also easily search for all events in 2019, for all the FOSDEM plannings over the years, for all events in your country, etc.

What do you think?

Oh, I like that for the events. I only see 2 downsides:

  • It might be more complicated to find the event you’re actually interested in since you have to be familiar with the existence of tags. Categories are a bit more low-level IMHO
  • Can you subscribe to a tag as you can subscribe to a sub-category to receive email updates?

Overall, I would still tend to go with your suggestion as it lowers the threshold to add a new event here.

One compromise could be to have sub-cats for large events like FOSDEM, and threads with tags for smaller events. Or would this add unnecessary confusion?