EU: Proposed liability rules will harm Free Software

The EU is currently debating the introduction of liability rules for software, including Free Software. The relevant proposals are the AI Act, Product Liability Directive (PLD) and the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). The way they are, all proposals will harm the Free Software ecosystem and thus the society and the economy.

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Link is wrong, it’s March 23:


Dear fsfe,
I thank you very much for your work related to the EU Cyber Resilience Act. The " Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Digitales und Medien", the Lower Saxony state working group for digitalization of the Green Party of Germany

is now aware of this issue. They want to discuss this issue with the “Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft”, the federal working group for digitilization

and with EU delegates of the Green Party.

Here are my questions on this matter:

  • Is it enough to suggest a shift in wording from “development” to “deployment” to maintain/protect the freedom of education, information and software?
  • Do you suggest additional amendments to the current EU draft?