Forum wish: A category to share tips and knowledge

At out meeting in the Danish local-group yesterday various cool Free Software services and alternatives were mentioned.

Even if there were technically very able people present, some of the tools were new to some of us, and other tools were new to others. And that has made me think that it could maybe be cool to have a Topic (sub-category) here in the forum - above thread-level, to avoid drowning tools in tips or the other way around.

It could be placed under Activities or General Discussion and be called something like “Tips, tricks and tools” - and be a place to put threads and discussuons like “what is a good Free Software browser to use?”, ask for help “how do I get my OS up and running on x hardware”, and share inspiration “Check out this cool Libre Audio Software tool”.

I think it could be stimulating to the activism to have a place to share cool tools, ask for help and get insipration to new angles.

Does anyone agree or object to this idea? And if so, would they care to elaborate?
@anaghz, @max.mehl or @agger - maybe?

I personally believe it would benefit the movement if this forum could become more of a meeting-place for the international and local FSFE communities to share more ideas for tools and activism, ask questions and get to know each-other across borders and time-zones.
For me, this forum was the first place I went looking myself when I joined, but it felt more like a message-board than a place for community at the first glace.

While I completely can understand why the forum has been designed and working like that initially, I also think that some categories - like the one suggested here above - could maybe now be added and help grow the community-aspect of it.

What do you think?

In any case, thanks to you all for building a great movement in the FSFE :slight_smile:

I think it would be a great idea! I’m not sure who takes care of this now @max.mehl no longer works for the FSFE.

But I support the motion, in all cases. :slight_smile:

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Ah, Ok.
In that case @max.mehl thank you for all you’ve done so far :slight_smile:

+1 from my side too