FOSDEM 2019 - preparations

In this topic, we’ll discuss the necessary preparation work that has to be done before FOSDEM, and coordinate who does what.

Let’s start with the brainstorming.

My tasks:

  • Collect names of the booth team (in progress)
  • Determine and reserve locations for the evening social meetings (in progress)

@Ulrike maybe you want to add a short overview of what you already did and are planning to do?


Hello everybody,

the boxes are packed. This year they are very heavy as we have PMPC-brochure with us :-)!
As Reinhard already said the arrival is scheduled for Friday between 2-4 pm. However, last year the boxes arrived some hours earlier. So I will already be there around 11 am as we have to take care that our boxes to not block anything. I will be very happy for everyone who comes by for setting up the booth :slight_smile: !

As we have only one table this year we do the selling in front of the booth with just one or two persons behind the booth handing out requested articles. Seller in front of the booth will carry a purse and will also wear a booth hoody. This way I hope it will become clearer to our customers whom to “contact” in those masses of people.

@Cryptie Do you have already a poster advertising that FSFE needs volunteers for translations? If not maybe some of you could make a nice one ?

Looking forward to meeting all of you next week!