FOSDEM 2019 - social events

Hi, all!

Less than 4 weeks until FOSDEM. Time to start thinking about our social meetings on Friday, Saterday, and Sunday evening.

Since there are quite some other challenges around FOSDEM this year, we could go the easy way on this topic and just do "the same procedure as last year"™:

  • Friday evening 20:30 meet at Goupil le Fol
  • Saturday evening 20:00 have fun in The Funky Monkey
  • Sunday evening 19:30 go to Place Jourdan, eat the "best fries in town"™, sit into Chez Bernard.

What do you think? Did you like the places we were last year, and do you think we should go there again?


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Hi @reinhard,

thank you very much for bringing this up! I think Goupil le Fol has been a very nice location and funny spontaneously meetup last year. The problem was, that it is not possible to reserve on a friday night. So it would be helpful to be there with 6 or so people in the early evening, between 7:30 and 8pm or so to get some places on ground level. Who would be in for this important job?

About Funky Monkey I am not sure. I think it was a bit outside of the center, wasn’t it? Would prefer something in the center or next to.


@eal Thank you for your input! The Funky Monkey was outside the center, but near place Schuman which can very easily be reached by tram or subway.

If anybody has other suggestions, I’m really open to try something different this year!


Dear all and especially @eal,

I want to make the reservations soon, especially for Saturday evening. So if anybody has a better suggestion, please speak up within the next 24 hours, otherwise I’ll reserve 30 seats in The Funky Monkey tomorrow.



Well, as no one spoke up I would be happy if you make a reservation at Funk Monkey. Thank you for taking care of this!



I have no objections regarding the reservations and would be glad to join on Saturday evening :slight_smile: Can I come with a friend?


Of course you can come with a friend. Only precondition is that the friend must also love Free Software :wink:

I (finally) got the confirmation that we can go to the Funky Monkey. As last year, we won’t literally have 30 “seats”, but rather space to hang around (sitting and standing) for 30 people.

I have uploaded the locations for the social events on the 2019 FOSDEM wiki page as attachement. Hope you might also find that useful.

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My train is scheduled to arrive at Bruxelles Midi at about 20h. I will check into hotel and walk to Goupil le Fol then. Not sure if I will make it at 20:30h, probably a bit later. :slight_smile:

Looking so forward being at FOSDEM again. See you there!

So when are you all arriving?

Already in Brussels for other meetings. I will join the Friday social event after another dinner I have. Looking forward to see you all there.

I should arrrive at Midi on 17:35. I’ll probably go straight to Motel One and after checkin sit in the lobby and see who’s going in and out. :slight_smile:

You probably won’t see me then, @reinhard because I’m planning on helping with the booth setup. Even though starting discussions early does sound very tempting.

Hey everyone,
I’m just in the ICE towards Brussels and will be at the Motel One around noon.
We (me and a friend) will grab lunch at the Hardrock Cafe around 1 pm if anyone would want to join.
My plan is to stick around the Motel One Lobby in the afternoon as well.
Also, I can happily get to the pub early tonight to try and hold us some seats.
Best, Simon

i might be back at motelone at that time, otherwise see you in the


Just FYI Ulrike is already at ULB and will prepare the booth in the afternoon. She will certainly be happy about any kind of help in case anybody has some unplanned time between 1300 and 1700.

Since I omitted FOSDEM for the last two years :frowning:, are there any tips on public transportation? What kind of ticket gives me the best value for FOSDEM (I stay till monday)?

in prinziple, you could try something like the 10 or 15 trips
option, however since a few years now, you are going to need an rfid
card for that, which costs 5 euros extra if i remeber correctly,
though thats reusable.

(there is of course also the option of a 72 hours pass, but that
depends on how mach you are going to use the public transport if
that is a sensible option cost wise.


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By the way, Ulrike just told me that she does not need help anymore. So you don’t need to go out to ULB.