FOSDEM 2020 - booth team

Hi, all!

FSFE’s booth at FOSDEM 2020 has now confirmed, and it’s time to start the first preparations. Who will join the booth team on 1 and/or 2 February 2020? And who will be available to help with the preparation of the booth in the afternoon of 31 January?


I’ll be available on both days.

I will also be available Saturday & Sunday.

Hi all,

I’ll be in Brussels from Friday night till Sunday night and generally available for the FSFE booth on both days. I am saying generally 'cause I was also planning on exploring the conference :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you soon.



I too will be present at FOSDEM. I have yet to make plans during the conference days. I’ll happily spend a couple of hours behind the booth. Regarding the preparation, I’ll be arriving in the afternoon and plan to attend the Pre-FOSDEM event (at least partially), so I don’t think it is realistic for me to help with preparations.

First of all, (a late) welcome to @purine_bitter and @alexander.pitsch, I hope you enjoy our discussion forum here! :smiley:

This is an attempt to give an overview of the status of the FOSDEM booth team and the preparations for the booth.

And thanks to @ao, @purine_bitter, @alexander.pitsch, and @nicorikken for being available to join our booth team!

@egnun told me that he’s available to help at the booth by email.

Additionally, there are some people from FSFE having talks at FOSDEM 2020: @vincent (Vincent Lequertier), @mk (Matthias Kirschner), and @max.mehl (Max Mehl).

And very good news (at least for me) is that @Francesca is available on Friday all through the day so the two of us can calmly set up the booth together.

This is the current FSFE team for FOSDEM 2020:


  • Matthias Kirschner
  • Max Mehl
  • Francesca Indorato
  • Alexander Sander
  • Erik Albers
  • Gabriel Ku
  • Lucas Lasota


  • Reinhard Müller
  • André Ockers
  • @purine_bitter - Can you please give us your full name so we can prepare a name tag for you?
  • Alexander Pitsch
  • Nico Rikken
  • Erik Grun
  • Vincent Lequertier

Please let me know if I forgot anybody!

I’m looking forward to another great FOSDEM!


Please let me know if I forgot anybody!

I can certainly help at the booth on Saturday! :slight_smile:
I still have the name tag I got last year.



I will be in Brussels from Friday to Monday, still lacking accommodation as MotelOne seems to have no more rooms. :frowning:

Anybody got a clue for me, where I should look?

Looking forward to see you all.


Hi all! Thank you all for the support. I’m doing the name tags, I’ll wait until Monday for printing them, maybe someone will join us at very last :slight_smile:
For the moment I’ve already prepared:

  • Reinhard Müller
  • Alexander Pitsch
  • André Ockers
  • Nico Rikken
  • Erik Grun
  • Vincent Lequertier
  • Katja Müller
  • Martin Peché

Am I missing someone?


Regarding the name tag: Christian Busse

Thank you for your offers, I was able to get a hotel room booked (Ibis Grand Place).

I’m Federico Leva and I’ll be there on Friday to help with the setup (and at the end on the last day). At what time do you start?

On Saturday and Sunday I may do occasional shifts if that’s fine.

@vincent thank you for joining us, you are already on the list :slight_smile:

@softmetz looking forward to meet you again!

@Nemo Francesca and myself will be at the University from 10:00, but the first thing we have to do there is to wait for the truck with the material to arrive, this will be sometime between 10:00 and 14:00. Only after that we can start to actually build up the booth.

@purine_bitter, @softmetz, and @Nemo we will prepare name tags for you as well.

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Looking forward to see all of you at FOSDEM. Have a good travel!


Hi all! Thank you all for the support. I’m doing the name tags, I’ll
wait until Monday for printing them, maybe someone will join us at very
last :slight_smile:>
For the moment I’ve already prepared:>

  • Reinhard Müller>
  • Alexander Pitsch>
  • André Ockers>
  • Nico Rikken>
  • Erik Grun>
  • Vincent Lequertier>
  • Katja Müller>
  • Martin Peché>

Am I missing someone?>
I’m availible on saturday if needed.


Very Good Albert. See you on Saturday.

Of course, I will write your name tag handwriting.


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