FOSDEM 2021 - aftermath

FOSDEM is over for this year and it has been very special. First of all I really, really, really missed being physically in Brussels with all you fine people. Yet the FOSDEM organizers IMHO made it the very best experience possible under these constraints.

Our virtual stand was awesome. There have been a lot of people from inside and outside of FSFE and I had a lot of fun. At times we made inside jokes, that normally would stay behind the booth (nothing offensive, but hard to understand for passer-bys). I am not convinced that this had qualified for an additional behind-the-table channel, so I would say it was ok. What do you think?

Also of course I am pretty interested in the number of merch sold/promo sent our at or after FOSDEM.

On the con-side I had a hard time using the scheduler this year. Did it change or were there just so many more talks? Actually I was in our legal devroom or in the stand most of the time anyway. TBH I would have most probably done that at an on-site FOSDEM too. :smile:

The nightlife got kinda replicated using jitsi and workrave. But still of course I wouldn’t do this without a pandemic going on.

So to wrap this up: I miss you all so much and really look forward getting vaccinated and being able to attend meetings in person again.

How was your FOSDEM 21?


Do we expect any influence/effect on the general public from FOSDEM21 or is this targeted mainly on Computer Science field? O.o

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