Free Software and Knowledge in Public Transit

Dear folks,
Latetly I spent some time on the idea to start an association that

  • makes Free Software commonly available
  • carries Free Software into all aspects that touches public life

Have you heared the saying: Two Germans meat. What are they doing? They start a society. :slight_smile:

Not following this stereotype, I tripped over the FSFE constitution and asked myself: Is the FSFE what I am looking for?

My name is Stefan and I am a software engineer working as employee since 2021 and as freelancer since 2019.

2017 I switched my focus from GNU/Linux based embedded systems for the automotive industry to public transit.

Worlds about Free Software and Free Data/Knowledge are only known in few locations in Germany. This is due to history, politics and economics and it is a different situation comparing to other parts of the world.

IMHO, the highest demand in Free Software and Knowledge is realtime vehicle monitoring in public transit. It lacks Free Software and Knowledge in an automatic vehicle location (AVL) system that offers Free Data/Knowledge in the public domain using open and public standards for interfaces to intercting systems.

Not only the public transit domain but everyone would benefit if Free AVL systems would be available for Bürgerbus, bus or taxi companies.

Any company or myself being regarded as potentially biased, I regard an association an authentic party to lend or rent or sell (free as possible) hardware (like arduino, raspberrypie, aso.) AVL enabled by Free Software to public transit companies.

I am aking the FSFE (a potential party) and others if it can imagine this kind of service as a future initiative?

Please feel free to study, share, adjust or use this thought.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.