French group where I can help?

Is there group from the FSFE in France ? I think it would be good to have an active one to develop the FSFE and its community.

Thanks in advance for your answer,

PS : Little intoduction of myself :slight_smile: :
I’m member of the FSFE and the Linux Foundation. I’m a French student in literature and I work in computer research as Webdev. I’m a Community Helper in my "virtual life’. I help different Free Softwares communities like Yunohost, Roadiz, Tutanota, OS.JS… ( I’m WebDev, Adminsys, I do Translation (DE, FR and PT), Packages Intergration. I’m learning C and C++ too. I would be really happy to help the FSFE :wink:

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Hi, great to have you here, thanks for joining!

We have a FSFE Country Team in France, please see the Wiki for more information and links.

You could also help with contributing translations, here’s a page with an introduction and links to more resources.

If there’s anything else you are interested in, please let us know :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! I knew there were a group in France, but it doesn’t seem to be very active. I will try to contact the members.
For the translations, it’s ok. I will contribute to it. I’m interested in doing web development (well, I’m still learning, but with real project, I will be more motivated :wink: ).

Hello @frju365!

I’m also based in France, so maybe I’m one of the people who received your contact attempt. Sorry for not answering! What would you like to do? :slight_smile:

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