FSFE's statement on Richard Stallman rejoining the FSF board

After reading the FSFE’s statement on Richard Stallman rejoining the FSF board:

[…] We disapprove of this step that came without any message of remorse or willingness to change. […] we call for his resignation from all FSF bodies.

I find myself in stark contrast with the FSFE opinion - so much so that I can only withdraw any and all future support for the FSFE.

I encourage all the other supporters who value a person’s ideals, achievements and passion for Free Software over their personal opinions in completely unrelated matters (whether you believe something offensive has been said or not) to do the same.



Thanks, after three years of being away, I have just renewed my support for FSFE.


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I find the statement a real pain and an embarrassment, I’m considering to stop my support and contibution to FSFE after knowing what are its beliefs about free software.


@pd, on the contrary, FSFE has shown itself as an organisation that cares about the community and isn’t just a club of fans of a single person.

Considering the facts I also see the statement as deeply problematic. It’s not as bad as the open letter, but still very questionable from an ethical viewpoint. The accusations that are used to argue for RMS removal are proven wrong. And to refuse to work with the FSF if RMS stays in a leading position isn’t warranted.
To me this analysis sums up the situation rather well.

RMS often doesn’t phrase his opinions in the best way but he never did anything that would warrant such a reaction. And this is also clear from how much support he gets despite the implicit social pressure for all who side with him.

Someone even went to the trouble to create a new support page to clear up the misinformation spread about him.

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