German Corona tracing app available without Google services

A handful of Free Software developers today achieved what official bodies have been missing for months: They have made available the German Corona Warning App for tracking Covid-19 risk contacts in a version that is completely free of dependencies on Google and available in the F-Droid, the Free Software app store.



I hope it gets the German media !!!


Yes, I heard about that. This is great. Thanks to whoever made it happen.

Are there any links for background information?

I’d like to know why the “official” app was dependent on Google
services in the first place and what had to be done to “free”
it (and of course, who did it, to say thanks :slight_smile:

– t

Great article, thanks for the report. Would it be possible to mention that Christian Grigis is working for, together with a link to our website?

Thank you for the suggestion. I am not sure how this is relevant for the context of the article however. If we started to list the different hats of the involved persons, the article would surely become very long :wink: