German electronic health record - access by app only?

I have read reports that the german electronic patient record should be accessed via smartphone app. Even if the source code of the app is published, I am afraid that - like with the Corona-Warn-App - one will be required to use the appstore of Google or Apple to get the app.

Do you know more about this?
Is there really no access via browser?

Even if I had Google Play, I wouldn’t want to read my file on the mini display of my phone.

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For the Corona app this makes sense: it relies on a mobile device with protocols typically used in smartphones. Granted, you could probably achieve the same using a laptop, albeit less portable.

It seems implausible to me that a smartphone app will be mandatory. There are many citizens without a smartphone, heck there are even citizens without a computer. In similar app promo in the Netherlands I have just sent out an email to ask the question if I can have access with my setup.

Perhaps you can just send an email to ask your question to the parties involved with the implementation. Worst case they say ‘no’, but then you end up with a concrete fact to contact activists, media and politicians. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple question. I have achieved multiple changes in policy just by posing the question. There are people working there, not robots. You can reason with them, they can change their minds, and they might even share your concerns.

So although I’m from the Netherlands and don’t know the detail, I consider it unlikely but would like you to ask it to the authorities.

Looking forward to a follow-up.