Hello word, come and test this with me


Welcome everybody…


I am very curious about this, too!


so this is how quoting works. Yes.


Amazing! I want more of this!


:grinning: let’s try an emoji …


I guess there’s no way to receive my own posts via email, is there?


Can someone else please write something again? I just want to see if I get emails at any point.


You want me to do what?


Yes, there’s an explicit dropdown for that in the meail preferences below “enable mailing list mode” (if you enable mailing list mode).


Unfortunately, email mode does not let me reply at all currently:
550 5.1.1 <noreply@fsfe.org>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table


@jonas @nikos and @bjoern can you please have a look at that and help Florian?


Btw, do you also have the problem, that you cannot set your profile picture? I tried it several times now, it is shown as uploaded. Also as my account picture in the upper right corner. But it is not shown for the posts.


Yes, I have the same problem. I also noticed that Gravatar is an option, perhaps that could be disabled so we don’t submit access information to an external service.


let’s see if my avatar will show up here :slight_smile:


@nikos Your avatar shows up but mine doesn’t seem to. I tried it twice but without success or error message


OK, avatars seem to work now :slight_smile:


Yay, another discourse instance I can join :slight_smile:
Finally an instance that has badges deactivated :smiley:


Welcome! You seem to have more experience with Discourse than quite a few of us. If you see any setting which we should change, please open a thread in the feedback subforum. Thanks :wink:


Heya everyone! Currently typing this to get 20 characters so this message can be sent!


Yeah, I find the min-character restriction annoying on other instances too. But all in all its not too bad :slight_smile: