If enforced, EU chat control will limit Free Software

Surely you have already heard about the controversial EU draft law on mandatory chat control with the supposed aim to effectively tackle child sexual abuse. This law implies the monitoring and scanning of the communications of citizens – even the securely encrypted end-to-end one.

(Is this supposed to link If enforced, EU chat control will limit Free Software - FSFE instead?)

First time here and what brought me there was the first sentence in the article: “Surely you have already heard about the controversial EU draft law…”

There is no ‘surely’ about it. Most people have not heard about this and will not be happy about it. Strikes me there is a lot of ‘marketing’ to be done to get the news out. This is a big topic and we shouldn’t sleepwalk into such surveillance.

@Kal your remark is spot on, this is why we have added a news item and a short article. Many Free Software people will have heard about this, but if we can at least reach a few more, it is helpful. So feel free to spread the word!

The German publication Netzpolitik.org also sees a problem for Free Software because of chat control, because they feel that distributing Free Software could be considered app-stores that need age verification.

The published Heise also picked the topic up (in German): Chatkontrolle: Massive Auswirkungen auf Open-Source-Software befürchtet | heise online

Using arguments from the above Netzpolitik.org guest article and from ours.

Yes, @bernhard, thanks for checking. Fixed now. – Fani

There is a post from mullvad.net about it as well. From 02/2023
EU chat control law will ban open source operating systems - Blogg | Mullvad VPN

Not EU, but the UK Online Safety Bill has entered its Second Reading.

Folks, what we’re doing is plainly inadequate, and time is running out.

We must start screaming from the rooftops loud and clear: placing banners on our project and personal websites, as well as directly within our apps, and spreading the word throughout blogs and social media. Do you still recall the Net-Neutrality and anti-SOPA campaigns? Those were the days…