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Can organisations with limited resources be digitally sovereign and still provide modern services? It is not trivial, but the FSFE proves it’s possible. Take a deep dive with us into our infrastructure to learn how we run all the different services within the FSFE and cope with numerous challenges. A story non only for techies.

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Ich kenne einen grossen Verein (Dachorganisation mit vielen kleinen lokalen Vereinen), der dringend seine IT proffessionell aber eben auch Kostengünstig aufstellen müsste.
Würdet ihr hier auch eine Beratung anbieten?

Hi Michel, thanks for asking. Please let me reply in English because that’s the main language of this forum. If that’s a problem for you to understand, please just use a translation tool.

We have never done consulting in this area (and don’t do that very often in general), but on the other hand we are glad if we can help organisations to switch to Free Software solutions. I also know a few other NGOs that set up networks to help each others.

Please refer them to me directly with some details. Perhaps I can connect them: Max Mehl - FSFE

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