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Introductions - here's one


I am a new member of the FSFE.
I have been a member of the FSF for some time now, and on the members forum there, they have a category called “introductions”. I quite like that, as an opportunity to greet new members and maybe discover when someone local to oneself joins in.
The feeling of community is valuable to me. I live in rural Denmark, so a place to share ideas with like-minded, get new ideas to activities and so on, is one of the things I appreciate most about the FSF’s

So here’s my introduction. Hoping to generate lots of replies with similar type stuff.

I am from Denmark, have been using GNU/Linux as my daily driver OS since 2012 and on-and-off before then.
I tried liking both Windows and Mac (before I’d gotten into the ethical aspect) since that’s what my friends used, and what we were presented with in school. But forced updates, expiry of service, licensing and so on just kept making me angry.

So now I run Debian and am at peace with my OS :slight_smile:

I work as a librarian and try to promote the use of various services both at work and to friends. I am also a musician, and my band has just gotten our own nextcloud instance up and running. It’s a great tool!

I am not particularly tech-savvy, but learn something new about software almost every day (especially after adapting GNU Emacs for my different writing-projects).

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Welcome :wave: and thank you for your introduction and support!

We didn’t think about such a category yet, but of course people would be welcome to reply here if they want to do the same.

I heard that the local group in Aarhus will be rebooted soon, but I am not sure whether Casten Agger has an account here.

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Thank you - and thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll try to write him an email and see what he says :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I hope others will introduce themselves here :slight_smile:

Hi @Slartibartfast thanks for the initiative. Some of my background is already available in a recent interview: 20 Years FSFE: Interview with Nico Rikken on country teams' activities - FSFE but I can make it more personal here. My journey started when I became frustrated with software restrictions and incompatible formats that left me unable to edit my previous work. I’ve been running Debian and Ubuntu as my main OS since about 2009 and have learned a lot over the years. I get to enjoy the fruits of free software in my work in IT and more recently at an Open Source Program Office (OSPO). Although I would love to contribute my programming skills to free software, I mostly end up spending my volunteer time on advocacy for the FSFE in the Netherlands.

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Welcome to the forum @Slartibartfast ! :wink:
This is Pablo González, from Spain. I’m a FSF’s member and a FSFE’s supporter.
I’m a Trisquel GNU/Linux user. I do some translations to spanish and advocate to Free Software sometimes.


Hi both of you :smiley:
And thank you for taking the time to respond here !

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