Is it pita to find this community from

Unless i am blind it is impossible to find this forum from the i.e

This button does not work for non-fsfe members
![image|690x292] (upload://YxrYdqgyRosXk2nvJhMoJgCcpu.jpeg)

The current main website does not mension this forum anywhere
![image|690x318] (upload://gR6O5AkYNtsulcBA9iHmBg5GqrJ.png)
![image|690x90] (upload://eQf7ICP6eRUKM1GIdzJsl6xoPUR.png)

There is a this section in Contributing tab:
![image|690x390] (upload://vHqeJeIMD3I6DMpSt0xIpsfQJxE.png)

Which points to https:// fsfe . org / contact /community.en.html

which does not seem to have the link on
EDIT: it does i’m blind, but it’s hidden in the text -> Some nice button would be better.


Thanks for bringing up this issue!

Unfortunately I cannot see your screenshots, so I can only make a few guesses.

Which one? Non-working buttons are a big no-go of course, so I’d love to see it fixed!

The “Community Contact” page (link) does have a mention of the forum already, quite prominently actually.

Which other locations would you suggest? Perhaps a link to this community contact page from the start page?

I don’t have the permission to sent these, but i guess you can remove the spaces in OP so that it would render.

I believe i meant this:

Which is usually the way fsf members gets on the forum, but since FSFE allows non-contributors to access the forum it makes it confusing.

It does, but it is hidden in the text i would propose adapting a standalone button instead (especially hard to see for users who are using extensions like Dark Reader which may render the blue text as regular)

FSF has this on the index page, i would would propose similar solution here.
https : // linx . li/s/zt81pdh3.png (remove the space)

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