New Local Groups sub-category "Rhein/Main"


I assume that category got renamed “Announcements and Feedback” in the meantime and I ask for it here?

Please create a new sub-category for the “Rhein/Main” group.



Of course, it’s done! Let me know if you need something else.

Yes, I’ve edited that in the post

Thanks! I see there’s a placeholder:

Could you replace it with something like:

This is the discussion forum of FSFE’s local group Rhein/Main, Germany. More information about our group can be found in the wiki (in German)

Discussion language is likely to be German but feel free to start or join a discussion in English!

We don’t know what this category might be used for yet as we have to experiement a bit.

Of course, I’ve edited the post accordingly and set you as owner of this post. So you should also be able to edit it. For example, you could remove the typo in experiement which I just saw :wink: