"No IT security without Free Software" at Pass the SALT

Hi all,

Last week, I gave a talk at the Pass the SALT conference in Lille, France. It’s an event which aims to connect the Free Software and security communities, so it was obvious for me to speak about the role Free Software has for IT security.

The recording is already available, and here are my slides.

Short summary: After shortly refreshing the audiences memories about Free Software basics and sharing my definition of IT security (a process, not a product), I presented a few potentials that Free Software has to increase IT security of software. I also spoke about considerations to take, since the license alone doesn’t make a software secure, as well as some typical counterarguments. The main takeaway: Free Software is a necessary, but not sufficient component of IT security.

In the last 5 minutes I took the Huawei/5G case as an example to explain how Free Software can solve urging security problems and trust issues.

Please let me know about your thoughts on the talk :)


Thank you. Nice quotes and very timely presentation overall.

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