Reuse-api-worker - Generated container name is invalid with sourcehut URLs

I recently learned about the REUSE Software project and I wanted to to register my project on But I couldn’t do it, even though I had no problems running reuse lint locally.

After inspecting the code and running the related script (reuse-lint-repo), I saw that the URL of my git repository (or any sourcehut repository) is not compatible with the way how container names are generated. I don’t know why the username and the project name are part of the container name, rather than using a hash function with a longer output.

I wanted to report this on reuse/api: API for checking REUSE compliance of a git project - api - FSFE Git Service but I was unable to create a FSFE account and it is not possible to create an issue using the mirror on GitHub. If it was inappropriate to write about this in here, then I am sorry. If so, can you direct me to the correct place?

Thank you

Oh true, thanks for flagging and debugging the problem! I’ve created an issue here: #5 - Container name generation breaks with sourcehut - api-worker - FSFE Git Service

The reason for verbose container names is that I wanted to have the possibility to watch running lint processes. Hashes would be terrible for debugging, so I chose a combination of path/repo. I didn’t think of cases like Sourcehut.

Will wrap my head around this soonish and give an update here.

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