REUSE License file not found with suffix in filename


I am having an Issue with the REUSE tool.

From the documentation we read that it is allowed to add a suffix to the file name containing the License Text

(you may attach some suffix to the filename as well, such as LICENSE.txt ).

I tested this and am having problems. I created a file with SPDX License Identifier

SPDX-Copyright: 2019 Alice

SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause

then created a License file with the name LICENSES/BSD-2-Clause-Alice.txt

The tool couldn’t find it. When I change the name to LICENSES/BSD-2-Clause.txt it works.

Can the prefix only be applied to file extensions?

thank you

Hi @Arcturus, nice to have your here!

Would it be possible for you to open an issue on our Git repo? @carmenbianca who knows best about the tool’s behaviour also has an account here, but since the REUSE spec and tool are under heavy development, it would be optimal to have all issues bundled in one place.

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