Study about privacy risks in Android

Hello all !

I’m Pablo González, coordinator from Madrid.
I have been waiting for this study here in Madrid. It’s made by IMDEA Netwoks ( and the University Carlos III of Madrid.
I think is something to be aware of.
The summary is in the AEPD (Spanish Protection Data Agency) :
Here is a translation of the begining:

Analysis of preinstalled software in Android devices and risks for users privacy

  • The IMDEA Networks and the Carlos III of Madrid have made an study of more than 82,000 preinstalled apps in more than 1,700 devices built by 214 trade marks.

  • It reveals the existecy of a complex system of developers and trade agreement in wich the preinstalled apps have privileged permissions and is no possibility for an average user to deinstall those.

  • It has been identified more than 1,200 companies in the preinstalled apps and more than 11,000 libraries in wich more of them are related to publicity and online monitoring for commercial ends.

  • The AEPD, who is contributing to spread the awareness of this study because of the massive impact of the results in the citicens privacy, is going to present the conclusions to the European Comitee of Protection Data. CEPD. Comité Europeo de Protección de Datos.

Only I wanted to share this information.

Thank you, very interesting. Did the study also consider Replicant or LineageOS, to see how they improve things?

Hello @Nemo ! Nice to meet you !
About Replicant or LineageOs : I think there are not a comparison between Android and those systems at all.
I haven’t red it all, but I think they are pointing about the lack of information (no opensource but private software by many actors) in the preinstalled software. This lead to many risks for users because they are using “black boxes”.