Terms of service; didn't read! (https://tosdr.org)


This project has been recently brought up to my attention where it’s members are ranking service’s legal documents based on agreed values such as:


I believe that projects alike are a step to the right direction when it comes to user freedom in general and as such i encourage you to consider supporting the project/contributing. ^-^

ToS;DR has been around for some years. Their work is impressive.

As much as I like ToS;DR and its team, I see it as Sisyphean work, since more corporations and more terms will come: monitoring all these tasks will become an infinite burden.

Since they have been doing this for years, they managed to grow a knowledge database of what a Grade A (respectful) Terms of Service looks like. I think it’s time to focus on a minimal service chart that grades A on ToS;DR, and campaign for companies to adhere to it. This way, users would instantly know whether a company respects their rights, or if there are fine lines to be wary of.

If the community could pull off such a charter, it would relieve some burden from ToS;DR and many lawyers and users: a step aside of sorts, that would effectively deter the U.S. view of the law from taking over Europe.

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