Thank you for the socks, FSFE :)

Today I found FSFE socks in my post box. They are a funny little gift. Thanks for that. I will wear them prodly.

And I was wondering: Do you have different sizes? Did you consider who should get which or is it one size fits all … which I assume would be difficult in practice since we do have a rather diverse group of people in our community.

I actually was recently the first time in Berlin. Unfortunately, I did only figure out that the FSFE office in Berlin was actually in walking distance of my room on the same weekend. So I didn’t even try to contact anyone because I figured it was unfair to surprise you guys on such short notice on a weekend. It was this very very cold weekend from Jannuary 12 to 14. But I was walking around in your area on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. :slight_smile:

Next time I will come better prepared … maybe wearing proper socks. :wink:

According to the FSFE Merchandise shop there is only one type of socks (red) in one size (38-45).

Well, the ones I received are certainly not red. They are fully FSFE-colored. :laughing:

Hi Franz, you got the special socks! Only for our great supporters :wink: (for the moment). They are also one size, from 38-45.
And come to visit us next time (if it is during the weekend we can try to organize a small gathering)