There is a list of projects that applied to the Projects call

Looking at FSFE Projects Call Submission - FSFE I was wondering if there is a wiki page or something else that list all the projects that applied with success to that funding?

This can be helpful to get rel examples and ideas.

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Good one. Did you see the examples on the page itself? In the past in the Netherlands we have paid expenses out of pocket: printing custom flyers, a custom domain name. On the one hand because it was easier, but also because we didn’t want to pressure on the FSFE budget. I consider this projects call for these type of small expenses to achieve a larger result. If you’re looking for inspiration, just check old news articles. Also, see what is going on on the local level and think of a creative way to make a difference. Typically the activity will follow based on the issue and the skill and interests of the supporters willing to do the work. Some want to take to the streets, some want to build a website and an online campaign.

I saw that, but I was looking for not just example in a blockquote but real example with photos.
Like in the wiki for a page with everything listed, in this way we can see also in other countries what they do with a history.

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