Unleash the potential of your phone: Rooting your device does not void its warranty

As users we sometimes face the issue of rooting our device. We may want to regain control of our device or we may want to keep using a device with an outdated operating system. But we are afraid of losing our legal warranty. Let’s be clear: Just rooting your device and installing new software will not void the statutory warranty.



This post is very good IMHO but the sad things is that:

  1. most people (also a lot of people with IT skills) thinks that people has no rights of any kind and in particular that warranty on hardware is void in case of any software mod.

  2. On the reason to root your phone you are arguing some illegal activity like if they are unfriendly activity. Spy on people is not onli unkindly but (here\today EU\2024) ILLEGAL. And seems that rooting\reflashing is the “easy” way to avoid it and this topic needs to be discussed by highest level of the political agenda: day by day reflashing and rooting a device becomes more difficoult and this should be banned. Devices that needs more then 1 minute to be rooted should be banned and blocked by the European Union customs officers and not only arguement of a nice post from FSFE ( :heart:)

I hope that a strong networking will rise between FSFE ZEROWASTEEUROPE E.FOUNDATION IODE’ DMA EUROPEANCONSUMERSUNION and other institutions…

It’s nice that we are not “punished” for rooting our OWN smartphones but why a time Microsoft were punished for installing IExplorer on Windows and today nobody punished nobody for installing Youtube or other bloatwares on smartphone with impossible uninstallation (without rooting\reflashing)? There is something broken in our institution…

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