FOSDEM 2019 - booth team


Hi, all!

FSFE’s booth at FOSDEM 2019 has now been confirmed, so it’s time to start the first preparations. Who will join the booth team on 2 and/or 3 February 2019?



Hello Reinhard, thanks for starting with the planning. I’ll be there!


Hi Reinhard, I’ll be there too.


Hi Reinhard,
thank you for setting this up!
Do we have again two tables?


Yes, we have two tables, again at the exactly same place as in the past years.


I’ll be out this time :frowning:

Too much going on by the start of next year.

I hope y’all have a great time in Brussels!

– tomás


This is just great \o/


here because of Reinhard’s email :slight_smile: I confirm my attendance at FOSDEM :slight_smile:


Hi Reinhard,
I will likely be there on both Saturday and Sunday and I can also help with the booth.
Best regards,


Hi all,
I will be there on both days.
I already booked the same hotel than last year (Motel One).

Best regards,


Hey, I will also be there on all days. I’ll certainly stick around the booth and will be happy to help whereever needed :slight_smile:


It seems that the information which was published on the FOSDEM website was wrong. Meanwhile I received an email informing us that we have a booth with a single table which we have to share with FSF. My understanding is that FSF will only use a rather small part of the table, and I’ve contacted them to clarify this. Anyway, our booth will most likely now be about half the size of what it was in the past years, and we’ll have to collect some ideas on how to save space. My first proposal is to not have any coats or luggage behind our booth at all.


Hi all,

That is a very bad news.
We need to chose either to limit what we sell or to negociate with FSF to use some of the room behind them. Might even be both.
I also am for the no bags policy but we will need additional room.



Maybe we could build cardboard shelves from foldable cardboard boxes behind the booth and on the rear part of the table (second layer to put stuff on the top)? And light the lower part with LED strips?


I am unsure to see your proposition @chca .

We usually use 2 or 3 layers of boxes as shelves on a table in the back of the booth. (see and under the table we have the boxes of refill and weatshirts/zippies.

We may reinforce the box on top of the table to get one more layer but that may be the max (and it depends on the spot we have, in the angle there is some fire stuff that we are not allowed to hide). Was it your idea?

What about refilling on Saturday evening / Sunday morning? This really depends on our we bring everything but if we have the truck for the weekend we may let there part of our stuff and refill when needed?

Regarding the room for show : we can use an hanging rail to have the room to show all our stuff.


@Cryptie Yes, the idea was to put one box layer also on the back of the table so the space can be used more efficiently (like what is already done in the back). Alternatively, we could get or make plastic holders for flyers in upright position to save some space.


Hi all,
indeed these are bad news!
I agree with Reinhards proposal of the no bags and coats policy behind the booth.

I also agree with Cryptie and chca that we need a better card board shelve behind the booth. I will look into that.

I also agree with Cryptie that some extra space outside of the booth would be good where we can stock material. @Reinhard: Do you think we can approach Fosdem-team with that request? Unfortunately, we do not have a truck were we can leave stuff. The material is shipped there with a trucking company.

Regarding the use of the table, there should be just information material of us and FSF and small merchandise items. The cloths have to be presented on the walls somehow. Needs more hangers (on my to-do-list) and ideas how to fix these to the wall.

Regarding the banner, we will still take them but maybe just fall back to the roll-ups. However, it will be even tight to place the roll-ups. The roll-up are 85 cm broad and 2 meters high. One carries FSFE’s general about “controlling technology” the other presents the gist of the PMPC-campaign.

Somehow we must make more use of the space before the booth then… :wink:




Just to let you know that I will come there and I also booked Motel One :smiley:



Hi, all!

Since it’s now only 7 weeks left before FOSDEM, let me give you a quick update about the status:

We’ve got confirmation that FSFE will have a one-table booth together with FSF. FSF has indicated that they will only use a small part of the table, and I’m in contact with them to find out more details. Unfortunately, we still have no information about the location of our booth, and I really hope that we’ll learn about that soon.

Ulrike has made a great effort in the past weeks to make sure that we’ll have enough merchandise of all kinds available for the event. I’ve also heard that Francesca will also join us for the booth, so we have the full merchandise-power-team there in Brussels :slight_smile:.

I have also not been completely lazy in the past weeks: I have written the usual announcement of the booth for, and just a few minutes ago I’ve sent an email to all members of the FSFE community (all current and former supporters, all donors, all volunteers) inviting them to join us here.

I’ll continue to keep you updated.



Hi, I will also be at FOSDEM again… Looking forward to see you all!