Free Universal Construction Kit

The Free Universal Construction Kit: A set of adapters for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys.

It’s a really funny visual way of explaining the benefits of open standards. :wink:

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Absolutely. Thanks for sharing it. Do you have any direct contact with them? It would be nice to get the picture under CC-0 best (or else CC-By-Sa - without the NC). Then we could include it also in the slide templates for open standards FSFE slide template

I don’t have any contact but they have their info listed at :)

Thanks. I’ll ask them.

I got a reply by them that we can use their media in our presentations:

"We are very pleased to allow you (and anyone else) to use images, video
and/or other media that document the Free Universal Construction Kit, in
your public or private presentations, for free, even if, or whether or not,
you receive a lecturer’s fee. We don’t consider this to be “commercial use”
of our work.
Our non-commercial license is designed to prevent someone from marketing
the Free Universal Construction Kit itself, i.e. selling the toy
commercially. Essentially we are trying to prevent someone from selling the
pieces as toys, in a way similar to how some unscrupulous vendors sell
thinly-rebranded versions of open-source software. We want the Kit itself,
and its models, to remain free for end-users.


I especially like those ones: