FSFE slide template


I was wondering what the current state of the FSFE slide template is. It seems that people use different templates, or designs which could possibly be improved. :slight_smile:

@mk @max.mehl @bjoern and others, where are the current / latest slides, or templates?

Here’s my feedback already in writing (noted down during Patrick’s presentation at the GA):

  • Background should be full white instead of old Plussy pattern
  • On first page, maybe some illustration/graphic/photo
    • If a photo, then it could be full-page and the FSFE logo in white centered
  • Typeface for the presentations should be adjusted. Ones which look similar to the logo are Quicksand, Nunito or Dosis. (Varela Round is also good, but comes only in Regular weight.)
    • Is any of these maybe the logo typeface?
    • In any case we should not use something nerdy like a monospace or something like Arial / Verdana / Liberation Sans etc.
    • For text Regular, for highlights and headings either Semibold or Bold (but we pick and choose only one).
  • For sections we should use icons related to the section – possibly from The Noun Project – rather than repeating the FSFE logo.
  • For bullet points we should use simple round points, not grey squares.
  • If there is a full-screen image used, the FSFE logo should be in a corner (we should decide on one) in monochrome white. Directly on the image. (Not in colored on a white small background.)
  • What’s always nice as a dash of color is a bar at the top of every slide with the FSFE colors – just a few pixels high, directly at the edge.

If we have the slide templates somewhere I can make the adjustments. :slight_smile:


Hi @jan,

thanks for the suggestions! I agree that the template is by far not perfect. I also made some adjustments for presentations but obviously lack your design skills: https://download.fsfe.org/presentations/20180607-mm-OW2Con-PMPC.en.pdf

The plain template is accessible here: https://git.fsfe.org/FSFE/ci-templates


Hello @jan,

Thank you very much for helping to improve the visualisation of our presentations.

You know from the talks we had that I am not a big fan of the 2017 templates, as I am using a lot of pictures and large text in my talks. As you asked before, I have now uploaded also an odt version of the presentations you will find from myself on the download server.

If you have some time to also improve such a simple style, I would also highly appreciate this.

Thank you very much!


Same here, the 2017 template is way to heavy for my taste. I prefer simple and light slides. For example you can download here my latest presentation https://gitlab.com/BeS/presentations/blob/master/FreeSoftware/2018-htw-dresden/freie-software-einführung.odp and here the current version of my template: https://gitlab.com/BeS/presentations/blob/master/FreeSoftware/template.otp


I like this idea a lot. This is something I would most likely add to my slides. :slight_smile:


@bjoern Nice template!


Hi all, for my presentation during the GA I used the slides from the REUSE.software project website as template:


Was the easiest way for me to get to a template :wink: